Non Clog Impeller design. (Standard Semi Open Design; Optional closed and fully opened design). Heavy duty construction; thick cross section of wetted parts for durability.

Design in simplicity to ease operation & maintenance.Pump construction is design for easy dismantle and assemble.

Are able to handle abrasive and corrosive pulp and dirt; with, large size solids and with heavy slurries. It is designed to belt driven or direct coupled. Various duties can be met by-varying pulley sizes. One size of the pump can handle many different requirements with the change of speed, providing interchangeability and minimizing inventory requirements.

Optimum Design

IMPELLER with wide flow passage allows large solids to pass, yet maintaining a high efficiency. Its hydraulic design prevents slurry recirculation keeping abrasive wear to a minimum.

IMPELLER is provided with back vanes to prevent solids clogging at mechanical seal section and to minimise solids getting into the seal housing to provide increased seal life.

SHAFT is of very large diameter and is designed with minimum over-hang, low shaft deflection (L3/D4) ratio, thus decreasing shaft deflection, studier rotation and increasing seal and bearing life.

Easy Maintenance

The cost is low. Routine maintenance is made easy because components are easy to reach. The basic life of OBLT pumps are long, keeping down time and maintenance to a minimum. The assemble bolts of the liquid end are few in number, located in notched holes and are easily accessible. The material used is good quality high tensile steel.

Back Pull Out Design

Allows all wearing parts exposed for inspection by simply opening the bolts holding the casing on to the bearing cartridge. The rotating elements are slided backwards providing direct access to the impeller, seal housing, mechanical seal and shaft sleeve (Gland packed sealing option), with the casing still mounted onto the pipelines, without having disturb the pipeline. Changing of parts take a minimum time.

Standard Features

Water Box Mechanical Seal


Pulley belt driven or direct couple
working Temperature

Carbon Ceramic, SiC vs SiC, VITON Elastomer

2 deep groove bearings SKF or equivalent,
Sealed for life lubrication

80 degoC Max 120 degoC

Pump End Material Configuration

Stainless Steel CMA

Stainless Steel Grade 304/316